[ i ] Google vows to ban companies profiting from secretly spying on people, but doesn’t think to include itself
[ i ] 'That's why I'm buying a house here': Dana White says UFC events to continue at Abu Dhabi 'Fight Island' until NEXT YEAR
[ i ] Trump threatens to defund universities for ‘Radical Left Indoctrination’
[ i ] 'It’s always good when we get a guy with a WHOLE COUNTRY behind them': UFC boss Dana White on Russian star Petr Yan’s title shot
[ i ] New open letter response to Harper’s ‘cancel culture’ screed unleashes outpouring of mockery
[ i ] Iran warns of consequences for any ‘foreign elements’ proven to be involved in mysterious Natanz nuclear-facility incident
[ i ] Indian & Chinese troops disengaging on border as agreed – Beijing’s ambassador
[ i ] 'It WASN'T blackface': Ukrainian tennis starlet Yastremska responds after backlash over now-deleted 'equality' post
[ i ] ‘You went off the rails into insanity’: BAFTA takes heat online for imposing diversity quotas for Games Awards contestants
[ i ] 'We’re giving Khabib the time he needs to mourn': Dana White on death of UFC champ's father Abdulmanap
[ i ] UK government to invest £170,000 in elite sex-parties firm, with taxpayer holding equity stake – media report 
[ i ] Hungary could veto EU rescue plan ‘if conditioned on rule of law,’ Orban warns
[ i ] French police DESTROY Calais migrant camp and send over 500 to reception centers
[ i ] Netherlands to take Russia to European Court of Human Rights over ‘role’ in MH17 crash
[ i ] Russia can avoid a second wave of coronavirus if everyone follows the rules and observes distance, says WHO
[ i ] ‘Emotional beatdown on daily basis’: 150 Minneapolis police officers seek disability for PTSD over BLM riots
[ i ] ‘US continues to pester China’: Beijing rejects Washington’s fresh invite to join arms-control talks with Russia
[ i ] Inclusive or ‘toxic’ identity politics? BBC encouraging staff to list their ‘trans-friendly’ pronouns – report
[ i ] World’s top grain exporter Russia keeps global supplies high despite Covid-19 pandemic
[ i ] Jorge Masvidal strips off but makes weight as Fight Island title showdown with Usman edges closer (VIDEOS)
[ i ] 'Like paying tribute to Mongol overlords': Telegram VP Perekopsky compares Apple and Google to Golden Horde
[ i ] Leaders of Serbia & Kosovo to resume talks on Sunday – Berlin
[ i ] Scientists devise new plan to test if mysterious ‘Planet Nine’ is primordial black hole
[ i ] 'Couldn't they have hired a black photographer?' Social justice warriors pick holes in Simone Biles' Vogue cover shoot
[ i ] French police dismantle makeshift shelter camp in Calais, removing hundreds of migrants
[ i ] Ongoing global outages of iOS for Twitter, Tinder, Spotify and Pinterest are linked to Facebook software
[ i ] ‘I’m at an age where it’s difficult to learn quads,’ says 20yo Russian figure-skating champ Evgenia Medvedeva
[ i ] Digital renaissance: Street artist receiving hundreds of dollars in Bitcoin donations daily
[ i ] No blasts occurred outside Tehran overnight & brief blackout linked to local hospital – governor
[ i ] Turkish president Erdogan signs decree turning Istanbul's Hagia Sofia into a mosque after court ruling
[ i ] 'It went 15 different directions': Aussie Rules star suffers horror arm injury, casually jogs off for treatment (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
[ i ] EU Council head proposes €5bn Brexit emergency fund
[ i ] Oil could ‘pretty easily’ rebound to $150 a barrel despite crashing prices this year, analysts predict
[ i ] Internet implodes after AOC says only entitled moaners think cancel culture exists (in a post complaining about her critics)
[ i ] ‘Just the tip of the iceberg’: More than 160 cases of British coaches having sex with teen athletes revealed
[ i ] ‘Destructive ideas’: Russia accuses US state-run media of spreading fake information about constitutional amendment vote
[ i ] ‘His whole chest was BURNT’: Coach who saved 16yo keeper’s life after he was struck by LIGHTNING describes horror (VIDEO)
[ i ] ‘How Islam moderated slavery’: BBC blasted for piece explaining the ‘nice’ way to treat humans as property
[ i ] Australia to halve number of citizens returning home each week
[ i ] Notre Dame cathedral in Paris to be restored to ORIGINAL design after blaze that shocked the world
[ i ] State of emergency in Italy likely to be extended beyond July 31 deadline – PM Conte
[ i ] Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo could be set for Champions League semi-final collision after draw made in Switzerland
[ i ] Hundreds of UK police officers have convictions for serious crimes including assault and drug possession – media report
[ i ] Norway lifts many European travel curbs from July 15, including to 3 Swedish provinces
[ i ] RT’s Boom Bust explores what’s wrong with the US healthcare system & how to make it work better
[ i ] As Russia begins final stage of coronavirus vaccine trial, volunteers are confirmed to have immunity – and no side effects
[ i ] Breakthrough in debilitating disease fight as scientists create revolutionary mitochondrial DNA editing tool
[ i ] Not so fast: US sprinter thinks he's SMASHED Usain Bolt's 200m world record – only to suffer embarrassment (VIDEO)
[ i ] ‘They want to win’: NUCLEAR confrontation becomes likelier as US races for global domination, Russian FM says
[ i ] Indian gangster shot dead by police during botched escape after he’s arrested over massacre of 8 cops
[ i ] UFC fighter Mike Perry 'to seek help for alcohol abuse, behavior problems' after knocking out elderly man in restaurant (VIDEO)
[ i ] Macron urges Israel to nix West Bank annexation amid growing international outcry
[ i ] Strategic security dialogue: Russia-US consultations set for mid-July
[ i ] China’s aviation industry takes $5-BILLION hit from coronavirus pandemic
[ i ] WATCH: Petrol bombs and stun grenades exchanged as irate Greek protesters fight against bill to ban public gatherings
[ i ] Beijing to impose reciprocal measures after US sanctions on Chinese officials over Uighur rights
[ i ] Can India really shut down oil supply to China?
[ i ] Infiltrated by neo-Nazis? German police scrutinized for potential link to death threats sent to left-wing politician
[ i ] ‘We'll end up losing time again’: N. Korea won't hold another US summit right now, says Kim's influential sister
[ i ] US Army chief of staff signs ‘strategic vision’ pact with Thailand at Bangkok meeting with PM
[ i ] Rotting corpses chewed on by rats: Authorities push forward with probe into appalling treatment of cadavers at Paris university
[ i ] South Korean ex-president Park Geun-hye gets reduced 20-year jail sentence in corruption trial
[ i ] Robert Fuller ‘lynching’ rumors dismissed as probe finds hanging victim heard voices & was hospitalized for suicidal thoughts
[ i ] ‘Tainting’ public opinion? Minneapolis court issues GAG ORDER in George Floyd trial after lawyer tells cop’s side of story
[ i ] NYC mayor bans ‘large events’ through end of September – except BLM protests
[ i ] Twitter data-mining tool Dataminr fed police real-time info on Black Lives Matter protesters, despite promises not to spy
[ i ] California sues Trump over rules to deport foreign students if colleges offer online-only classes
[ i ] Manhattan next? US Supreme Court opens Pandora’s box with ruling that half of Oklahoma is ‘Indian country’
[ i ] Brand suicide or savvy PR move? CEO of Hispanic food giant Goya praises Trump, inciting Twitter riots
[ i ] Series of ‘explosions & power outages’ reported near Tehran
[ i ] Bolivia's acting president Jeanine Anez confirms she tested positive for coronavirus
[ i ] 'Do they care?' Minneapolis business owner left with nothing after riots calls out city officials for failing to help
[ i ] Grumpy Trump hits out at Supreme Court decision, calls New York a ‘hellhole’
[ i ] Up to SIX TIMES more lead released by Notre Dame blaze than previously estimated, study say
[ i ] Lab worker killed by brain-destroying disease 7 YEARS after accidental jab
[ i ] Toyota fires employees for making fun of George Floyd killing with ‘that will keep them down’ kneeling
[ i ] Pokemon Go players spend almost $4bn on app in just 4 YEARS in bid to catch ‘em all
[ i ] 9/11 memorial to lost firefighters destroyed by vandals in New York State
[ i ] 'She's 2-0 now in his corner': Chael Sonnen TROLLS Mike Perry's girlfriend as UFC wild man is roundly mocked for restaurant scrap
[ i ] Motorist speeds over rainbow crosswalk in Vancouver, police call it a 'hate gesture'
[ i ] TikTok goes down, prompting speculation that it's been banned
[ i ] 'Virtue signaling at its finest': Fury after US team replaces player names with black police brutality victims (VIDEO)
[ i ] ‘Liberating 5th Avenue’: New York mayor paints BLACK LIVES MATTER outside Trump Tower
[ i ] 'I let him shine': Beaten rival Askren claims credit for helping 'douchebag' Masvidal rise to stardom after savage 5-second KO
[ i ] UK police arrest four terrorism suspects in London and Leicester
[ i ] ‘Much higher’ death rate than Covid-19: Chinese embassy in Kazakhstan warns of dangerous local pneumonia
[ i ] ‘I’m struggling to make it flatter’: Russian Olympic champ Chigireva bemoans that her bum is too BIG for synchronized swimming
[ i ] Theresa May accused of ‘breathtaking’ hypocrisy after complaining about discrimination against black people
[ i ] Kavanaugh & Gorsuch rule against Trump in Supreme Court tax returns case
[ i ] 'What are you waiting for?' Italian TV presenter Diletta Leotta hooks up with Zlatan for workout as striker teases super-fit host
[ i ] Not a ‘racist’ plan anymore? Democrats rejoice over Biden’s $700bn ‘Buy American’ promise
[ i ] UFO hunter claims NASA Mars photo shows remains of ‘ancient alien jet engine’ (POLL)
[ i ] US will BAN government contractors from using Chinese tech, including Huawei – report
[ i ] ‘You will be disposed of’: Chechen head Kadyrov warns of the dangers of participating in foreign ‘special services projects’
[ i ] Greek opposition & unions to hold nationwide rallies against new law restricting protests
[ i ] Joy Reid lands prime-time MSNBC slot, despite ‘serially lying’
[ i ] ‘It can’t come close to happening again’: Biden tells Poroshenko in alleged 2016 call on Ukrainian sabotage operations in Crimea
[ i ] ‘Nailed it’: Rugby star laughs off having 20 SCREWS inserted in his face after gruesome injury
[ i ] Seoul mayor found dead after search – police
[ i ] New Delhi raises concerns with US over new rules for foreign students