[ i ] ‘Central Intelligence Corporation’: Twitter’s Dorsey dunks on Zuckerberg’s reported rebranding plans
[ i ] Letting Ukraine join NATO would be a dangerous escalation with Russia. But it would also be a disaster for Kiev & the West itself
[ i ] UFC fighter who ‘hospitalized his sisters in knife attack’ is given conditional release after insanity plea is approved by judge
[ i ] ‘Here we go’: WHO’s wait to approve Sputnik vaccine means Russian UFC fighters could head to ‘Fight Island’ not US, White confirms
[ i ] European businesses run risk of shutting down due to rising gas prices, EC president warns
[ i ] Russian nuclear power plant begins emergency reactor shutdown after steam leak detected, officials say radiation levels ‘normal’
[ i ] At least 3 killed, 30+ injured after massive gas explosion erupts in northern China (VIDEOS)
[ i ] Trump announces launch of new media group & social network to 'stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech'
[ i ] Washington State Patrol faces staff shortages & multimillion replacement costs as officers quit over Covid vaccine mandate
[ i ] FDA approves ‘mix & match’ vaccine booster shot regimen for ALL US-authorized jabs
[ i ] ‘Testing the same weapons’: North Korea denounces US ‘double standard’ after Washington condemns submarine missile test
[ i ] All the money in America won’t bring children back, US must just leave Afghanistan in peace – Kabul drone strike victim’s brother
[ i ] ‘I’m here to talk to his master’: Chappelle protesters & supporters clash during Netflix walkout demonstration
[ i ] Biden ‘concerned’ over rumored Chinese hypersonic missiles that caught US by surprise
[ i ] ‘Ze, zir, zirs’: US State Department takes time to celebrate and educate on International Pronouns Day
[ i ] HIGHEST EVER number of illegal migrants detained along US-Mexico border, ‘skyrocketed’ since Biden took office – reports
[ i ] ‘It’s terrible’: Team USA ice stars condemn China for ‘human rights violations regarding the Muslims’ over Uyghur controversy
[ i ] Democratic state rep accused of taking $630,000 in Covid federal funds and using some to GAMBLE
[ i ] ‘Suicide drone attack’ targets US military base Al-Tanf in Syria’s Homs – reports
[ i ] Despite Kiev’s worsening energy crisis, Ukrainian MP says that gas deal with Russia would put country ‘on its knees’ before Moscow
[ i ] Biden faces grim polling numbers as just 37% approve of job performance & his support among Independents crumbles
[ i ] ‘The Moscow 25’: Hardy band of Leicester fans make use of no-quarantine rule, head to Russia for seven-goal Spartak thriller
[ i ] ‘I own you’: NFL quarterback slams ‘woke cancel culture’ in passionate self-defense after yelling at fiery Chicago crowd (VIDEO)
[ i ] Better late than never? NYC mayor announces last-minute vaccine mandate for ALL city workers
[ i ] ‘It’s impossible to respect him’: UFC star Chimaev slates McGregor, reveals work as security guard during famous Nurmagomedov win
[ i ] Brazilian Senate committee drops homicide accusation against Bolsonaro, recommends indicting president for 10 crimes over pandemic
[ i ] Newcastle ask fans to avoid ‘Arabic or Middle-East-inspired clothes’ to curb ‘risk of causing offence, cultural inappropriateness’
[ i ] Russia won’t stand for unrest in former Soviet Union’s backyard, Taliban told at Moscow talks, as envoys praise end of civil war
[ i ] Plane carrying 50 people including Russian hockey team makes emergency landing ‘after airport worker failed to fully close door’
[ i ] ‘Items’ belonging to Gabby Petito’s missing boyfriend Brian Laundrie found in Florida swamp, medical examiner on scene
[ i ] Morocco bars flights to and from the UK ahead of half-term holidays over concerns about rising Covid cases in Britain
[ i ] ‘Alien’ mosquitos from East Asia taking over Italy could be vector for viruses – study
[ i ] Italian club Lazio suspend eagle trainer after he is filmed ‘making fascist salute, singing Mussolini song’ on pitch (VIDEO)
[ i ] Russia & Belarus were FORCED to work on unified military doctrine because of increased pressure from West – Russian army chief
[ i ] Bollene beheading: Manhunt for ‘armed & dangerous’ suspect after decapitated body found in southern France
[ i ] Parkland school shooting accused Nikolas Cruz pleads guilty as Florida pushes for death penalty over 2018 massacre
[ i ] Plainclothes officers to video call stations to verify their credentials when stopping women – Met police chief
[ i ] Putin to stay at home instead of travelling to COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, but Russia will participate – Kremlin
[ i ] Multinational oil and gas giant Total accused of playing down threat of global warming since late 1980s – report
[ i ] Icardi tells wife Wanda she can ‘only heal with forgiveness’ in desperate-looking Instagram post following rumored affair & split
[ i ] DC AG adds Zuckerberg as defendant in Facebook privacy lawsuit, claims he was ‘personally involved’ in Cambridge Analytica debacle
[ i ] IAEA chief says AUKUS deal could spark race for nuclear subs, task force will investigate safeguards & legality
[ i ] UK govt must crack down on apps promoting extremism, Labour leader Starmer says, taking special aim at Telegram
[ i ] US police hungry for discarded military gear now use climate change as pretext to get priority delivery – media
[ i ] Maryland naval facility sent into lockdown after reports of active shooter & bomb threat prompt site-wide search
[ i ] Protesters claim Italian authorities tampered with ‘live webcam’ to show empty square instead of huge anti-vaccine-passport rally
[ i ] Poland demands EU probe Russian state gas giant, as Warsaw accuses Moscow of engineering rising energy bills across much of Europe
[ i ] Bulgaria, Germany, and Italy launch Europe-wide raids on 46 properties over tax fraud investigation into Italian mafia
[ i ] Spain's High Court agrees to extradite Venezuela's former spy chief Hugo Carvajal to the US
[ i ] ‘Sick of these f**king jokers’: FBI raid over Trump election allegations ‘staggeringly dumb,’ Russian billionaire Deripaska blasts
[ i ] Russia scrambles fighter jets to head off American warplanes near country’s airspace, days after warship intercepted near borders
[ i ] Former boss Cherchesov ‘really surprised’ after Kanchelskis claims he is ‘sure’ agents paid for players to be named in Russia team
[ i ] ‘Goal of the century’: Footballer celebrates by swimming on the pitch as fans go wild for bizarre strike in freak downpour (VIDEO)
[ i ] Russia announces fresh national ‘non-working week’ as country reports record number of deaths from Covid-19 since pandemic began
[ i ] EU must present ‘clear and adequately financed’ plan to handle Mediterranean migration routes – Italian PM
[ i ] Hacker is blocked after tweeting evidence of having the personal details of almost EVERY Argentinian via attack on govt database
[ i ] Eurozone inflation at its highest since 2008 as energy prices continue to rise
[ i ] UK’s ‘Prevent’ anti-terror scheme ‘hamstrung’ by PC culture & ignoring radical Islam threat while targeting far-right, report says
[ i ] First one out: Newcastle’s Saudi Arabian owners show ruthless side by sacking hapless Bruce in Premier League’s worst-kept secret
[ i ] UK competition watchdog slaps Facebook with £50 million fine for information breach
[ i ] Worldwide popularity of Russian leadership surges ahead of Chinese & American for first time, while Germany remains in lead – poll
[ i ] Japan’s Mount Aso volcano erupts, spewing plumes of hot gas and ash (VIDEOS)
[ i ] Left glee erupts as Trump miscalls Jefferson 'principal writer of the Constitution' while blasting 'eviction' of his statue in NYC
[ i ] Adenovirus Covid-19 vaccine shows lower but ‘stable’ immunity level for 8 months while mRNA jabs’ efficacy falls ‘sharply’ – study
[ i ] Record two-ton shipment of pure cocaine seized by Senegal’s Navy after smugglers caught off country’s coast
[ i ] Bitcoin smashes all-time high as ETF debut boosts sentiment
[ i ] Boom Bust looks at a possible criminal investigation into Amazon’s market dominance
[ i ] ‘I will not reveal my status’: Djokovic claims it would be ‘inappropriate’ to declare whether he is vaccinated as visa issue looms
[ i ] Three decades on from Soviet collapse, nearly HALF of all Russians are not interested in ‘democratic values’ – bombshell new poll
[ i ] Germany detains 2 ex-soldiers trying to build mercenary force of up to 150 men to intervene in Yemen
[ i ] Forget $100, options traders now betting on oil prices hitting $200
[ i ] European natural gas prices continue to soar
[ i ] Philippines announces probe into thousands of killings during Duterte’s war on drugs as initial review suggests abuses took place
[ i ] SpaceX will launch Elon Musk to become world’s first TRILLIONAIRE – Morgan Stanley
[ i ] Bye, evil Facebook? Zuckerberg reportedly wants new name for his VR ‘metaverse’ to show that it’s bigger than just social media
[ i ] Lack of ‘basic firefighting knowledge,’ failed drills & poor leadership blamed for loss of US Navy warship to five-day fire
[ i ] Twin explosions hit army bus in Damascus, killing over a dozen people
[ i ] After being accused of ‘buying’ the 2020 election, Facebook announces it’s getting even more involved in US state elections
[ i ] Brazilian lawmakers to recommend HOMICIDE charges for President Bolsonaro over handling of Covid-19, leaked Senate report says
[ i ] ‘We refuse to be the vaccination police’: San Francisco's In-N-Out burger joint seethes over vaccine mandate after closure
[ i ] ‘Anti-trans dog whistle’: ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ author latest to be labeled transphobic over tweet on loss of the word ‘woman’
[ i ] Cops arrest footballer in France for prostitution of minor after girl alleges he paid for sex following ‘stolen car’ row – report
[ i ] North Korea says it tested NEW type of submarine-launched ballistic missile with ‘advanced’ guidance & control system
[ i ] ‘Like a Scooby Doo villain’: Kanye West wears BONKERS mask to mystery Michael Cohen meeting
[ i ] No country has ‘veto’ on Ukraine’s NATO aspirations, Washington warns as Moscow tells Kiev joining bloc goes ‘beyond red lines’
[ i ] Southwest Airlines CANCELS plan to fire unvaxxed workers awaiting exemptions after denying sickouts forced mass flight disruption
[ i ] Russia’s dramatic decision to cut direct diplomatic ties with NATO further proof that Moscow no longer cares what the West thinks
[ i ] Border between Germany & Poland could COLLAPSE amid rise in refugees from Middle East crossing through Belarus, Berlin police warn
[ i ] Homeland Security secretary tests positive for Covid-19 in breakthrough case
[ i ] ‘I made a mistake’: Hockey star promises to persist with counseling after copping whopping 21-game punishment for Covid rule break
[ i ] Sacrificing sovereignty is ‘the opposite’ of why Poland joined EU, but don’t expect ‘Polexit’ from it, veteran observer tells RT
[ i ] Fans who greeted Saudi owners with mock headdresses could be given ‘education workshops’ on cultural offensiveness and stereotypes
[ i ] Terminal 2 of Manchester Airport briefly evacuated over ‘suspicious package’
[ i ] Haitian gang demand $17 million for release of kidnapped US and Canadian Christian missionaries
[ i ] Queen tells magazine to find a ‘more worthy recipient’ for the Oldie of the Year award after nomination
[ i ] Ontario premier won’t apologize after telling immigrants to ‘go somewhere else’ if they want to ‘sit around & do nothing’
[ i ] Meghan McCain says work culture at tv show The View was so ‘TOXIC’ she ‘threw up in a garbage can’ after spat with Joy Behar
[ i ] ‘If you don’t want to have children, get the vaccine’: Football owner dismisses Covid jab because it would ‘genetically modify me’
[ i ] 21 passengers & crew miraculously survive after plane crashes and bursts into flames near Houston, Texas (VIDEOS)
[ i ] UK partners with billionaire Bill Gates to deploy £400mn green investment package London can’t afford on its own