[ i ] ‘Smooth & peaceful transfer of power’: Biden-Harris transition team celebrates GSA ascertainment as final & definitive action
[ i ] Ex-spooks again join for an anti-Trump missive, demanding that Republican leaders pressure president to concede defeat to Biden
[ i ] Trump ‘recommends’ to move ahead on ‘initial transition protocols’ while vowing to STRONGLY challenge 2020 election results
[ i ] Define nudity? Outrage ensues as YouTube bans model Belle Delphine for sexual content while explicit music videos get a pass
[ i ] Michigan Board of State Canvassers certifies election results in favor of Biden
[ i ] Biden signals US return to full-on globalism and foreign meddling by picking interventionist Anthony Blinken as secretary of state
[ i ] French police DEMOLISH protest camp, after 450 migrants pitch their tents in center of Paris (VIDEOS)
[ i ] Clashes in Poland as police remove pro-choice activists chained to Warsaw’s Ministry of Education
[ i ] Biden appoints former Fed chief and Clinton adviser Janet Yellen for head of US Treasury – reports
[ i ] American man with rare muscle atrophy comes to Russia & walks again, after US doctors gave him no chance of recovery (VIDEO)
[ i ] Biden puts Homeland Security in hands of Alejandro Mayorkas, the Cuban-American lawyer who championed citizenship for immigrants
[ i ] Turkey summons EU, German & Italian envoys over attempt to search Libya-bound ship for weapons
[ i ] Despite trending again on Twitter, NFL outcast Colin Kaepernick looks as unlikely as ever to make a comeback
[ i ] Russian bantamweight champ Yan reveals reasons for scrapped UFC 256 title fight with Sterling
[ i ] Sex Pistols rocker Johnny Rotten BITTEN ON PENIS by fleas after rescuing squirrels
[ i ] UK lockdown won't be replaced with ‘a free for all,’ Johnson warns unveiling 3-tier Covid winter plan
[ i ] Ethiopian forces surround Tigray region capital ahead of surrender deadline
[ i ] Familiar faces: Biden picks Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry as his climate czar & finds job for ex-CIA deputy Avril Haines
[ i ] ‘Did you press mute, Prime Minister?’: Calamity in the Commons as isolating BoJo’s audio cuts out during lockdown statement
[ i ] Supreme Court ignores Trump lawsuit that would disqualify mail-in votes in Pennsylvania
[ i ] India, Pakistan & Bangladesh should be MERGED, Indian minister suggests
[ i ] But will they need ‘freedom passes’? BoJo sets 4,000-fan limit on outdoor sports events after Covid-19 lockdown ends
[ i ] Russian MMA feud: Kharitonov leaves hospital after assault by UFC’s Yandiev as veteran files FRAUD claim against fellow fighter
[ i ] Johnson set to speak with EU Commission chief directly in late push to seal Brexit trade deal – reports
[ i ] Asteroid the size of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa heading towards Earth at 90,000kph
[ i ] 'David Villa was touching me every f*cking day': Ex-MLS intern details sexual harassment allegations against Spain star
[ i ] ‘We’re not leaving’: Trump security advisor says Washington committed to deterring Beijing amid S. China Sea dispute
[ i ] Ankara prevents German forces on Libya arms embargo mission from checking Turkish ship
[ i ] Frenchman fined for citing 'smash a guy's face in' as reason to leave home during Covid-19 lockdown
[ i ] Israeli minister claims PM secretly met with Saudi Crown Prince, Saudis deny report, Netanyahu refuses to comment
[ i ] Putin’s cousin to found new political party named ‘Russia Without Corruption,’ plans to run in 2021 elections
[ i ] ‘Disgusting abuse’: Documentary shows mother encouraging ‘transgender’ TODDLER to announce new gender at church congregation
[ i ] ‘Dead giveaway’: Creepy find on Florida beach sparks emergency response
[ i ] South Korean fans get $45 compensation for 'emotional distress' after Cristiano Ronaldo remained on bench for Juventus friendly
[ i ] China declares victory over absolute poverty nationwide, lifting 99 MILLION people from penury since 2012
[ i ] Europe ‘ready to take measures’ against any entity that blocks Libyan peace process
[ i ] UN accuses Japan of ‘extrajudicial abuse’ in arrest of former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn
[ i ] ‘He didn’t break the law’: Russian football ethics official backs player ‘who was dropped by US team after refusing to take knee’
[ i ] Brussels warns France on press freedom as Macron's government pushes ahead with security law
[ i ] Biden supporters rush to defend reported Sec-of-State pick Antony Blinken, who ‘got rich off corporate consulting’
[ i ] Russian animal rights activists say 50,000 stray dogs & cats may have been murdered in Siberia shelter, call for federal probe
[ i ] 'They’re not allowed to knock each other out?': UFC boss Dana White left stunned by rules of upcoming Tyson-Jones Jr fight (VIDEO)
[ i ] Archaeologist ‘discovers childhood home of Jesus’ in Nazareth
[ i ] Solomon Islands PM defends temporary Facebook ban, claims platform threatens ‘national unity’
[ i ] Covid-19 vaccine developments pushing US dollar lower
[ i ] Balancing opinions is now problematic? BBC includes different views in story about trans teen suing NHS & triggers ‘woke’ meltdown
[ i ] Russian police to include both locals and foreigners in new database of facial images, fingerprints and genomic information
[ i ] Hong Kong sees ‘worsening’ situation as 73 coronavirus cases emerge, many linked to dance clubs
[ i ] ‘Good moment to rest him’: Lionel Messi to miss Champions League trip to Ukraine as ailing Barcelona seek salvation in Europe
[ i ] Covid-19 lockdowns have little impact as greenhouse gas concentration continues to rise – UN agency
[ i ] 5 days without electricity or heat: Vladivostok locals resort to food kitchens after extreme weather cripples city infrastructure
[ i ] Right place, right time: Research vessel captures meteorite’s final, fiery moments on live stream
[ i ] More than 26,000 children killed or injured in Afghanistan since 2005, as ‘appalling cost’ of conflict revealed
[ i ] ‘I still can’t feel my nose’ : Ariane Lipski details litany of injuries suffered in UFC defeat to Antonina Shevchenko
[ i ] Eurozone economy plunges back into severe decline after new coronavirus lockdowns
[ i ] ‘You don't know how to spell your name’: YouTuber Logan Paul goads Floyd Mayweather over fight contract talks
[ i ] Jupiter and Saturn to appear as ‘double planet’ in night sky this Christmas
[ i ] Shock and mourning as South African football star Ngcongca dies in car crash at age 33
[ i ] China vows a ‘necessary’ response to US admiral’s visit to Taiwan
[ i ] UNICEF planning ‘mammoth operation’ to deliver 2 billion Covid-19 vaccines to 92 low-middle income countries in 2021
[ i ] Iceland offers rich foreigners refuge amid Covid-19 pandemic
[ i ] Many German states may agree to extend partial lockdown – official
[ i ] Qantas CEO says airline will make Covid-19 vaccination COMPULSORY for international travel
[ i ] Mysterious object almost collides with jet on approach to UK airport, shocking report finds pilots had ‘no time to act’
[ i ] ‘He didn't give a sh*t!’ Andy Murray stunned by Medvedev & coach’s low-key reaction after Russian ace nets $1.5mn for ATP win
[ i ] John Cleese mocks ‘woke’ Twitter mob after being labeled ‘transphobic’ for supporting JK Rowling
[ i ] US may hit more than 100 Chinese & Russian firms with trade restrictions over alleged military ties – report
[ i ] AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine shows average efficacy of 70%
[ i ] 2 killed in stabbing rampage at church in San Jose, California
[ i ] Chaos erupts after all cargo staff at Shanghai airport ordered to undergo testing following detection of Covid-19 cases (VIDEOS)
[ i ] ‘You’re such a D**K’: New Jersey Governor Murphy confronted by protesters as he dines with family at restaurant (VIDEO)
[ i ] ‘KrakenOnSteroids’: Sidney Powell says she ‘understands’ Trump’s lawyers distancing themselves from her, vows to fight on
[ i ] Trump's legal team distances itself from Sidney Powell after she suggests that Georgia's GOP governor conspired to help Biden win
[ i ] Former MSNBC producer claims her show had blacklist that included Andrew Yang & ‘several other’ candidates
[ i ] Maryland's Republican governor attacks Trump after president tweets report about faulty Covid-19 tests he ordered from South Korea
[ i ] Germany regrets US withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty & remains committed to it, foreign minister says
[ i ] ATP Finals: Gutsy Daniil Medvedev battles back brilliantly to beat Dominic Thiem and win maiden title in London
[ i ] Georgia senator tests positive and negative for Covid-19 within 48 hours, ahead of decisive race for Congress seat
[ i ] Washington war hawk John Bolton urges top Republicans to call out Trump’s ‘INEXCUSABLE’ behavior in challenging election result
[ i ] US Covid-19 vaccinations may begin as soon as December 11, reach enough people for return to normalcy in May – program chief
[ i ] Israel ratifies deal with UAE allowing first visa-free travel to Arab state
[ i ] Ruling party claims facile victory in Georgian parliamentary elections as uncontested vote marred by allegations of voter fraud
[ i ] Black hole’s structure possibly glimpsed as dust ring casts shadows and rays far across space
[ i ] ‘You've been FINISHED’: Arsenal outcast Ozil sends fans into hysteria by slamming TV host Morgan during team's Premier League game
[ i ] ‘Completely unprepared’: Private healthcare is gouging America and letting Covid-19 run rampant, physician and activist tells RT
[ i ] Turkey considers itself integral part of Europe, Erdogan says, calls on EU to grant it FULL MEMBERSHIP
[ i ] Open Skies no more: US breaks with its NATO allies to pull out of Cold War-era deal that aided global security, blaming Russia
[ i ] 'I don't know what will happen': Russian football ace says US team AXED him after he chose not to take knee for Black Lives Matter
[ i ] Downside of diversity? Husbands are unhappy when their wives earn more money than they do
[ i ] Previously unimaginable, Pep Guardiola could end up outstaying his welcome at Manchester City
[ i ] Authorities clash with protesters in Belarus as exiled Tikhanovskaya warns riot police could be listed as ‘terrorists’ by EU
[ i ] ‘Soothing statements’ by Erdogan won’t be enough for Turkey to avoid EU sanctions, French FM warns
[ i ] German FM lashes out at coronavirus protesters ‘making a mockery’ of WWII resistance with Nazi comparisons
[ i ] ‘They could do so much’: Boxing icon Tyson turns social justice warrior as he urges Fury and Joshua to help destitute drug addicts
[ i ] Finalizing Brexit deal doesn’t matter as UK secured agreements with key allies, business leader says
[ i ] ‘GET OUT!’: New York gym owner fights back against Сovid restrictions, boots sheriff off property (VIDEO)
[ i ] China to test WHOLE CITY bordering Russia after detecting two residents with coronavirus
[ i ] Russia claims its pioneering Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine will cost less than Western rivals as US pharma giants announce price tags
[ i ] ‘Silent march’ turns violent: German police make arrests as anti-Covid restrictions rally meets counter-protest in Berlin (VIDEOS)