[ i ] Trump says he’ll veto legislation blocking his ‘emergency’ declaration
[ i ] 'He’s a rat, I'm going to kill him': McGregor teammate slams opponent for training with Khabib
[ i ] Jussie Smollett exiled from ‘Empire’ following faked hate crime
[ i ] R Kelly charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse
[ i ] Trump says he'll maintain some troops in Syria, media says 400 ‘peacekeepers’ to stay
[ i ] Trump and Kim pretenders promise peace as they turn heads in Vietnam (VIDEO)
[ i ] New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution
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[ i ] Weaponized water: India threatens to divert 3 rivers away from Pakistan
[ i ] Sweden has become for jihadists ‘what Argentina was for Nazis’: MP slams govt over ISIS inaction
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[ i ] Ireland publishes no-deal Brexit legislation, hopes law ‘will never be needed’
[ i ] Iran’s newest warship joins large-scale drills in Gulf of Oman (VIDEO)
[ i ] ‘Semi-fascist’ attack on minorities: Hungarian official slams Ukraine’s education reform
[ i ] Russian firm eyes nascent microsatellite launch market with modified sounding rocket
[ i ] Putin orders immediate action to help 100 orcas and belugas held in cramped ‘whale prison’ (VIDEO)
[ i ] Saudi Arabia inks $10 billion refinery deal with China as crown prince visits Beijing
[ i ] Japanese space probe fires ‘bullet’ into asteroid following safe landing
[ i ] Humanitarian aid for Venezuela is ‘Trojan horse to provoke war’ – Bolivian President Morales
[ i ] US-run border ‘provocation’ to topple Maduro set for February 23, Moscow warns
[ i ] Pakistan’s govt re-imposes ban on US-wanted suspect’s charities
[ i ] China denies banning Australian coal, says imports continue as normal
[ i ] Outrage as kids pick cotton, sing slave songs during school field trip (VIDEO)
[ i ] #ICYMI: Desperate times – British diplomacy ain’t what it used to be (VIDEO)
[ i ] Russian court extends detention of ex-US marine Whelan on spying charges
[ i ] Burnt offerings: Shamans probed for SACRIFICING FIVE CAMELS ‘to strengthen Russia’
[ i ] ‘Sign of good will’: US spy plane carries out 1st observation flights over Russia in 2 years
[ i ] Indian Parliament summons Facebook officials over rampant ‘Fake News’ and privacy concerns
[ i ] Deep 7.5-magnitude earthquake hits Peru-Ecuador border region
[ i ] Russia to supply Be-200 amphibious aircraft to India
[ i ] Chelsea head to Kiev, Russian teams get Spanish dates in UEFA Europa League Last 16 Draw
[ i ] Emily Ratajkowski in hot water for confusing Ukraine with Russia in Harper’s Bazaar cover
[ i ] Myanmar’s Suu Kyi woos investors to Rakhine, says world ‘focused on negative aspects’
[ i ] 40 winks at 35,000ft: Pilot snoozes at controls of 747 passenger jet (VIDEO)
[ i ] Julian Assange issued with new Australian passport
[ i ] Where are the ‘empty shelves’? Max Blumenthal tours Caracas supermarket (VIDEO)
[ i ] Thousands of civilians remain inside last Islamic State Syria pocket – SDF
[ i ] Warsaw won’t bow to ‘lies & racist insults,’ Polish PM says amid simmering row with Israel
[ i ] Chelsea banned from signing players for two windows after breaking FIFA transfer rules
[ i ] Reprograming life? Gamechanger DNA could revolutionize medicine, help us find aliens
[ i ] Global watchdog FATF gives Iran until June to strengthen anti-money laundering rules
[ i ] ‘No Brexit deal in desert’: EU’s Tusk to meet UK PM May in Egypt, official says
[ i ] Erdogan says Turkey does not want a dime from the IMF
[ i ] US imports of ‘sanctioned’ Venezuelan oil surge fivefold
[ i ] Russia’s Far East LNG hub may become price benchmark for Asia-Pacific
[ i ] Hundreds of ISIS fighters slip into Iraq from Syria – Baghdad
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[ i ] Muslim rebel commanders in S. Philippines become officials under peace deal
[ i ] Democrats howl after Bernie Sanders refuses to recognize Guaido as Venezuela’s leader
[ i ] China’s coal imports from Australia continue as normal – Foreign Ministry
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[ i ] Over 220,000 Syrian refugees return home with support of Russian military – official
[ i ] UAE awards $5.5bn in military contracts to intl firms
[ i ] Magnificent seven: Top-notch Russian aircraft that may land in India’s shopping cart soon
[ i ] Flying bulldog’? Researchers uncover GIANT BEE thought to be extinct for 3 decades (VIDEO)
[ i ] Philadelphia sues seven big banks for getting ‘money for nothing’ from bond collusion
[ i ] Gene-edited Chinese CRISPR babies may have mental ‘superpowers’, researchers warn
[ i ] Take that! Japanese probe Hayabusa2 fires ‘bullet’ at asteroid in bid to discover how life began
[ i ] Psych evaluations & strict code of conduct: Pope offers ‘concrete’ steps to fight sexual abuse
[ i ] Watch fans charge up the Zenit squad with STUNNING fire show for Europa League clash with Fenerbahce
[ i ] Feds broke law in hush-hush Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking plea deal, Florida judge rules
[ i ] Judge slaps Roger Stone with gag order after ‘threatening’ social media post
[ i ] ‘Peacekeeping group’? US to leave 200 troops in Syria for a ‘period of time’ after withdrawal
[ i ] Alleged hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett’s bail set at $100,000, passport confiscated
[ i ] Decaying dam leaves parts of California in path of rare megastorm destruction – study
[ i ] Iran claims it hacked and controlled US drones, shows footage from missions as proof (VIDEO)
[ i ] ‘Liar’ Trump and ‘Crazy’ Bernie Sanders already in fundraising battle for 2020
[ i ] ‘Macron is playing ‘political theater’ in linking anti-Semitism & anti-Zionism – French commenters
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[ i ] ‘We must be the leader in everything’: Trump demands 6G cell technology
[ i ] 5 stages of Russiagate grief: Dems and the media prepare for ‘life without Mueller’
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[ i ] Fight Putin or pose for Playboy? - Kazakh betting market opens bizarre odds on stunning female boxer
[ i ] Russian ski star gets yellow card for attack on opponent after crossing finish line (VIDEO)
[ i ] Nike’s $350 ‘smart’ shoes are refusing to lace themselves following software update
[ i ] Venezuela closes border with Brazil, may do the same at Colombia border – Maduro
[ i ] US high school accused of body-shaming after ‘Big Boobie’ & ‘Big Booty’ awards given to cheerleaders
[ i ] Giant tortoise feared extinct for over 100 years found on Galapagos Islands (PHOTOS)
[ i ] Musk’s ambitious new ‘Starship’ project might be undone… by bird poop
[ i ] Iran to launch 3-day annual navy maneuvers from Gulf to Indian Ocean
[ i ] ‘Not an atomic bomb’: Huawei founder thanks Trump for helping to ‘promote’ 5G technology
[ i ] Caving under MSM pressure? Tulsi Gabbard interview on The View has some supporters fuming
[ i ] 'There's no tears': UFC legend Georges St-Pierre formally announces MMA retirement
[ i ] Huawei plan to fix British security fears due in H1 – company
[ i ] Staggering discovery reveals moon lies INSIDE Earth’s atmosphere
[ i ] ‘Germany not 51st US state’: Trade lobby blasts US interference in Nord Stream 2 gas project
[ i ] Man with the golden submachine gun: Pakistan gifts Saudi prince MBS gold-plated carbine
[ i ] China bans Australian coal imports as diplomatic tensions over Huawei intensify
[ i ] Britain won’t transition EU-Japan trade deal before Brexit deadline – govt
[ i ] #MeToo or too much? RT panelists DEBATE vandalism of statue commemorating iconic WWII kiss
[ i ] ‘Who knows what they have in mind?’ Putin says Russia could be cut off from global internet
[ i ] Kazakhstan’s Nazarbayev accepts govt’s resignation after ‘failure to raise real incomes’
[ i ] Ultima ratio: Photo of Putin helped Russian boot-maker score Guinness world record
[ i ] US ambassador urges ‘deeper ties’ between Israeli settlers, Palestinian businessmen
[ i ] ‘What about flower-arranging & desk-tidying?’ Reaction as breakdancing considered for Olympics