[ i ] Sweden using ice rinks and shipping containers as morgues overflow due to Covid-19 deaths
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[ i ] Even Germans fall for multi-million-dollar scam over masks... as WHO says they DON’T save healthy users from Covid-19
[ i ] US smashes daily Covid-19 death record AGAIN with nearly 2,000 fatalities in 24 hours, as outbreaks accelerate beyond New York
[ i ] Texas gets green light to enforce ban on abortion as ‘non-essential procedure’ during Covid-19 epidemic
[ i ] ‘Everything is bulls**t’: Ecuador pins 8-year corruption sentence on Correa as dead bodies line the streets amid Covid-19 outbreak
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[ i ] Truck driver identified after disturbing stabbing murder of THREE women at Tennessee truck stop
[ i ] Ex-Dem governor calls on media to stop airing Trump’s briefings on Covid-19 despite MILLIONS tuning in
[ i ] Ronaldinho RELEASED from Paraguayan jail after 32 days behind bars on fake passport charge
[ i ] No Covid-19 fake news on RT, EU accusations are ‘problematic’ – UK watchdog
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[ i ] Italian minister says coronavirus ‘tsunami’ is slowly starting to back down but ‘hugs and kisses’ won't return without a vaccine
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[ i ] Hold the ball: NBA's Adam Silver says no decision will be made on season return until at least May
[ i ] Pope Francis accused of comparing convicted child abuser cardinal to Jesus after controversial comments
[ i ] Russian counterfeit gang arrested after faking ONE BILLION RUBLES & selling notes for bitcoin
[ i ] Vietnam donates 550,000 masks to 5 EU states to support coronavirus fight
[ i ] WhatsApp limits message-forwarding worldwide after influx of fake news amid Covid-19 pandemic
[ i ] Olympic Flame display in Fukushima canceled over virus concerns – organizers
[ i ] World’s largest Ponzi scheme ‘fiat currency & banking’ on way to collapse, CEO of online investment platform tells Keiser Report
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[ i ] Lockdown in France will last as long as ‘it needs to’ as peak of pandemic not yet reached – French health minister
[ i ] Romania to extend state of emergency by 30 days
[ i ] Russia’s Covid-19 cases jump by record 1,154, with 11 new fatalities pushing overall death toll to 58
[ i ] UK PM Johnson given ‘OXYGEN SUPPORT’ in ICU but is ‘not on ventilator,’ says Gove
[ i ] ‘Don’t politicize the matter’: India allows export of drugs linked to Covid-19 treatment to ‘badly-hit’ countries amid row with US
[ i ] WATCH police arrest Pakistani doctors during heated protest over lack of protective gear amid surge in Covid-19
[ i ] ‘There may be retaliation’: Trump says India may face US wrath if PM Modi fails to overturn export ban on Covid-19 treatment
[ i ] At long last: China reports zero new coronavirus deaths for FIRST TIME as outbreak continues to subside
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[ i ] Most senior Catholic cleric to be convicted of child sex abuse WALKS FREE from jail after appeal granted in unanimous decision
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