[ i ] Hurricane Nigel set to batter UK this weekend as weather map shows where thunderstorm and floods from Atlantic will hit
[ i ] King Charles makes historic address to French parliament as he spells out his environmental vision - just hours after Rishi Sunak tore up Britain's climate change targets
[ i ] Grief-stricken relatives of Chicago couple and their two children who were shot dead in their home speak out for the first time
[ i ] Pictured: Suspect in killing of Chicago family-of-four who was shot dead in burning car - as cops reveal his female passenger has also died after she was found next to him with bullet wounds
[ i ] My puppy needed 17 stitches after being savaged by an 'XL bully' - but I STILL don't think they should be banned
[ i ] London borough will rip out LTNs on roads including Columbia Road's famous flower market and Brick Lane as local mayor says traffic calming measures have divided the community and push cars down roads 'lived on by less affluent residents'
[ i ] Rishi Sunak insists UK CAN still hit green targets without costing families £15,000: PM says Brits should not have to shell out on new cars, boilers and eco-taxes earlier than rest of the world - as poll shows half of voters back his plan
[ i ] King's touching tribute to his mother: Charles and French President Macron plant a tree at British Ambassador's residence in Paris - continuing a tradition set by Queen Elizabeth II
[ i ] Millionaire husband and wife sue their own nephew in row over £4m Kensington mews home: Couple say 'devious little sod' has 'stolen' three-bed house - despite it being bought in his name - as they fight bitter court battle over who is the rightful owner
[ i ] 'Zac Goldsmith has way more money than pretty much everyone in the UK': Cabinet minister Kemi Badenoch slaps down multi-millionaire green Tory peer who demanded a snap election over Rishi Sunak's net zero U-turn
[ i ] Inside North Kern State Prison which now homes Tory Lanez - where MULTIPLE murders have taken place this year including one 'by convicted serial killer Ramon Escobar'
[ i ] Parents think it's optional for their child to go to school: Mother says 'life's too short' not to have a term-time holiday and another says her son 'is too anxious' as report finds Covid caused 'seismic shift' with 24,700 pupils absent on one day alone
[ i ] Eric Wong: Pervert teacher jailed for secretly filming up the skirts of his students OVERTURNS his sentence
[ i ] Wingsuit daredevil was decapitated by plane wing 20 seconds after jumping out of the aircraft when pilot assumed he was gliding in a different direction and dived down straight into him
[ i ] Saudi ruler MBS calls the murder of Jamal Khashoggi - which the CIA say he approved - a 'mistake', and warns his nation will build a nuclear arsenal if Iran does
[ i ] Leader of group which sparked fury for wearing SS uniforms at 1940s festival is pictured performing Nazi salute near Hitler's 'Eagle's Nest' mountain retreat in Bavaria
[ i ] Met police officers stopped, searched, and handcuffed Team GB sprinter Bianca Williams and her partner in front of their baby because they are black, hearing is told
[ i ] Public schoolgirl, 17, studying at £15,000-a-year sixth form who was caught drink-driving her Audi 100 yards to local pub is banned from driving just nine months after passing her test
[ i ] 'Incest house of horrors' father is pictured for the first time as it is claimed he 'beat and chased his mentally disabled son out of the home when he wanted to have sex with his daughter'
[ i ] Trump says if elected again he will send troops to...
[ i ] Liberal actor John Cusack says Democratic Party elite 'sold out the working class for decades' and accuses them of not having 'moral and intellectual honesty'
[ i ] Pictured: Man sought by police after rapist attacked woman on Brighton beach in the early hours
[ i ] Generation Z can't work alongside people with different views and don't have the skills to debate, says Channel 4 boss as she cites the pandemic as the main cause of the workplace challenge
[ i ] Ocean Grove drowning: Cienna Jervies dies at Collendina Beach
[ i ] The horrifying story of British Airways Flight 149: The passengers were the accidental hostages turned into human shields by Saddam Hussein when they flew into a warzone. Now as their lawyers claim damages 33 years on, chilling new details of their ordeal
[ i ] NSW Labor Premier Chris Minns reveals why he wants an immigration surge into Sydney - even though it's pushing up house prices
[ i ] Poland STOPS supplying Ukraine with weapons as farmers' fury over grain imports hands Putin a huge victory on the day Zelensky tries to win more aid from war-fatigued Washington
[ i ] The Voice referendum: Shocking moment uni professor and Yes campaigner SPITS on No activist during heated confrontation
[ i ] The annoying Qantas safety rule that is infuriating Aussies and turning their trips into nightmares
[ i ] Pirola: New 'highly mutated' Covid variant has been found in Australia for the first time
[ i ] Strange number plate on Range Rover leaves Melbourne drivers stunned: 'Never seen this before'
[ i ] Melbourne university student told to pay taxi driver $100 after leaving iPhone in GM Cabs
[ i ] Miracle as four children missing from Doonside in Sydney's west are found safe and well after five-day search
[ i ] Police unit set up after Jimmy Savile scandal to probe Russell Brand case as another woman comes forward to claim comedian 'switched and became very nasty' when she refused him sex in a locked dressing room
[ i ] Top doctor Nick Coatsworth exposes the one major flaw with Australia's new Covid inquiry
[ i ] Melbourne man Kane Bailey is caught stealing Viagra while on a wild boy's trip to Bali
[ i ] 'Urinating noisy yobs are stopping my family sleeping at night': Father slams anti-social hooligans racing through car park and blaring music that 'shudders' his home until 4am
[ i ] Dog owners slammed over Kakadu National Park act
[ i ] Oxford-educated junior doctor is banned from treating patients after being caught moonlighting for private cosmetic surgery clinic while off sick from his £35,000-a-year NHS job
[ i ] 'I got off before I knocked her the f*** out!' 'Instagram famous' model Morgan Osman reveals her airplane meltdown was due to a 'woman with neon blue hair' who berated her for sitting in her seat
[ i ] Homeowners brace for another interest rate rise to 5.5% TODAY taking them to the highest level in 15 years and hammering mortgage costs despite better-than-expected inflation figures
[ i ] 'The flak won't stop me doing what's right': Rishi Sunak takes on eco-zealots in a bold move that could transform Tory fortunes and save families up to £15,000 as he hits the brakes on the race to Net Zero
[ i ] Cairns mother slams childcare centre after daughter left with broken ankle for six hours
[ i ] Exsqueeze me! Pole dancer taking part in nude Royal Academy of Art exhibition says embarrassed visitors have resorted to APOLOGISING when squeezing past naked performers
[ i ] Bob Ross's first ever TV painting 'A Walk in the Woods sells at auction for nearly $10 MILLION - 40 years after iconic artist created it in 30 minutes
[ i ] One of Britain's richest men nicknamed 'Bob the billionaire bungalow builder' is sued for more than £32 million in a row over unpaid debts
[ i ] Kerry White: Indigenous No campaigner describes the Stolen Generation as a 'mistruth'
[ i ] Hollywood socialite who dated Kevin Costner for three years and partied with Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson kicked female police officer in the leg as she drunkenly smashed up her own home
[ i ] The secret shoplifting getaway map: Waitrose boss reveals organised crime gangs are targeting Tube routes, road networks and stealing to order
[ i ] Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood DENIES he's flipped on Donald after Fulton County DA listed him as a 'witness for state' in Georgia election prosecution
[ i ] Texas Governor Greg Abbott deploys National Guard to re-install razor wire in Eagle Pass to deter migrants - as mayor declares emergency as 14,000 flood in from Mexico (but Biden gives temporary legal status to 470,000 Venezuelans)
[ i ] Mystery deepens after Australian mum's body is found being eaten by a dog
[ i ] Single mother touched by act of SPM Melbourne contractor
[ i ] Australia's most senior bank boss Anna Bligh defends mass closure of branches across the country
[ i ] Writers Guild of America strike nears an END after 'encouraging' meeting between Hollywood writers and studio CEOs including Disney's Bob Iger and Warner Bros. Discovery's David Zaslav
[ i ] Biden appears to wander off UN stage without shaking President Lula's hand at end of joint speech - leaving Brazilian leader visibly irritated - minutes after President walked through a flag to take the podium
[ i ] Moment anti-ULEZ 'Ninja blade runner' scales a traffic light and cuts down camera with an angle grinder
[ i ] Perth driver slammed for act on Garratt Road Bridge in Ascot
[ i ] Daniel Andrews blows up as he's brutally called out over his new Airbnb tax: 'I'll say it 100 times!'
[ i ] New character joins Winnie-the-Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood for latest book - inspired by stuffed toy AA Milne had in the trenches in the First World War
[ i ] Fairfield fire: Metro Petroleum station goes up in flames
[ i ] Darren West accuses Aussies of 'voting with neo-Nazis' if they vote No in the Indigenous Voice referendum
[ i ] Don't mention the B word! Emmanuel Macron toasts Charles with hopes for France and Britain working together in the future 'despite Brexit' - a day after meeting Keir Starmer in bid to drag UK back into EU's clutches
[ i ] Lake Macquarie shooting: Gunman on run after two people are hospitalised in Gateshead
[ i ] Helicopter crash at Bankstown: Pilot and instructor survive wreckage
[ i ] Indigenous Voice: Australian Electoral Commissioner slams 'tinfoil hat wearing' conspiracy theorists
[ i ] Say sorry and own up, Celtic
[ i ] By saddling Scots with arbitrary net zero deadlines, Humza is gambling with the economy and our way of life, writes TOM HARRIS
[ i ] Megyn Kelly says Russell Brand's ability to make money on YouTube 'should not be cut off' - even though she thinks there is 'plenty of evidence' against him as he's accused of rape
[ i ] Ferry boss condemned after shunning one of his own vessels and taking flight to meet islanders suffering transport chaos
[ i ] Shocking video shows McDonald's Melbourne worker getting bashed after giving a customer wrong order
[ i ] Now Scots could pay even MORE for alcohol after government consults on raising minimum price further
[ i ] Chucking oysters! Native shellfish returned to Firth of Forth after absence of 100 years
[ i ] Charles's touching letter to Scots chauffeur shot by kidnapper who targeted Princess Anne
[ i ] Brompton dog attack: Shar-Pei Pitbull mauled owners in Adelaide
[ i ] Volodymyr Zelensky holds secret NYC meeting with private equity bosses at JPMorgan, Google and Blackstone to discuss rebuilding war-torn Ukraine
[ i ] It's time for common sense on net zero, Humza!
[ i ] Horror as severed human LEG is found sticking out of a giant red recycling bin in TD Bank parking lot in New York City
[ i ] Rudy Giuliani shuts down Newsmax host when he asks about ex-White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson's groping allegations: 'Completely, absolutely false. Totally absurd'
[ i ] Spring heatwave: Brisbane to sizzle after hot spell in Sydney and Victoria
[ i ] Heartbreak for twin brother who fears his sibling may never walk again after both were seriously injured in near-tragic work accident
[ i ] Ron DeSantis claims HE'LL be the real 'America first' president as he warns Donald Trump will be a 'lame duck on day one' if he wins the WH - and slams his GOP rival for not attending debates
[ i ] Voice referendum: Read the confronting letter a Yes supporter with a sign in her front yard found in her letterbox from a neighbour
[ i ] Aussies are slammed for creating a disgusting mess at McDonald's: 'I feel sorry for the workers that have to deal with this'
[ i ] Jean Nassif's estranged wife Nissy flaunts luxury holiday after Toplace collapse
[ i ] Manhunt on for thieves who stole a SUV with a seven-month baby inside on the Gold Coast
[ i ] The Fetterman rule! John hosts Senate wearing a casual shirt and no tie after Chuck Schumer relaxed the chamber's dress code
[ i ] Bombshell twist in feud between Mohammad Skaf - Australia's worst gang rapist - and his ex-lover Alexandra Mastropetros
[ i ] Teenager Ryan Berry killed in crash in Yanchep
[ i ] Construction company Wake Concepts collapses in South Australia
[ i ] Marines under fire for flying $80M F-35 over SC during thunderstorm when report shows jets CAN'T handle storms: Pilot ejected due to 'bad weather' before jet 'flipped', flew 100ft above trees in 'zombie mode' and crashed in field
[ i ] McDonald's Australia worker is bashed after giving customer wrong order
[ i ] Trump dishes out slices to his supporters at Treehouse Pub in Iowa for campaign stop - and signs a VERY enthusiastic fan's top - as he brushes off claims he told aides to hide secret Mar-a-Lago docs
[ i ] Eerie Facebook post before woman was ripped apart by her two beloved Rottweilers in Perth
[ i ] Melbourne train delay: Trespasser jumps onto tracks near Flinders Street
[ i ] MBS DODGES question on wealth fund's $2B injection into Jared Kushner's private equity - as he admits 'mistakes' in killing of Jamal Khashoggi that CIA says he 'approved' and warns Saudi Arabia will get NUKES if Iran does
[ i ] King of Queens actress Leah Remini asks court for injunction to stop Scientologists from harassing her after she sued leader David Miscavige
[ i ] DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Rishi's bold move to ease the pain of net zero
[ i ] Specially prepared 'kill cars' are seized by NSW police before they can be used in a gang shooting
[ i ] ANDREW PIERCE: How Rishi Sunak's decision to pull back on Net Zero pledges unfolded in the face of partisan quangocrats trying to undermine the government
[ i ] Lotto results: Winning lottery numbers for Wednesday 20 September 2023
[ i ] Solicitor, 48, who worked on cases for struggling clients for free killed himself after racking up huge debts
[ i ] Biden pick is CONFIRMED as chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Gen. Charles Brown - whose motto is 'accelerate change or lose' - replaces Gen. Mark Milley three years after he wore fatigues to walk Trump to church for photo-op amid BLM protest
[ i ] 'Our XL Bully dog is a lifeline for my autistic son... it's not fair they're being picked on because of a minority of out-of-control pets'
[ i ] Lidia Thorpe unleashes at Sam Newman over call to boo Welcome to Country at AFL Grand Final
[ i ] How did the desperate housewife who hacked her love rival 41 times with an axe convince a jury it was self-defence?
[ i ] Merrick Garland loses his temper and gets emotional AGAIN when speaking about his Jewish ancestry
[ i ] Billionaire tycoon Justin Ishbia sparks outrage by razing Lake Michigan shorefront 'bluffs' that can prevent flooding while building $44m mega-mansion on water's edge
[ i ] More Brits believe their standing in society impacts the opportunities they have in life than in the 1980s while the population is also more liberal towards sex before marriage and gay relationships, research finds
[ i ] Number of gamblers seeking help over slot games doubles as the government consults on introducing minimum stake limit for online games
[ i ] The Navy's £4 billion aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth hit the seas with only eight fighter jets - raising fears of a shortage of combat planes
[ i ] Family of North Carolina man who died after driving off collapsed bridge is suing Google after its outdated maps 'misguided him to his death'
[ i ] Central Park Five prosecutor Linda Fairstein WILL be allowed to sue Netflix for defamation over her portrayal - played by Felicity Huffman -  in When They See Us
[ i ] Monterey Sydney crash: Second person charged over collision
[ i ] Amateur poker player admits to LYING about having terminal cancer to raise up to $50,000 on GoFundMe to play in poker hold'em world championship in Las Vegas
[ i ] Senate finally votes to confirm three top Pentagon nominees after being blocked by Republican Tommy Tuberville for MONTHS over military abortion policy
[ i ] Parents 'don't care if kids skip school', report suggests - claiming pandemic lockdowns caused a 'seismic shift' in attitude to school attendance
[ i ] Three in four rape victims say going to the police made their mental health worse with some left feeling suicidal, shocking report finds
[ i ] Missing teenager Summer vanished from Prahran, Melbourne two months ago
[ i ] How DID he survive? Horrifying moment semi smashed into sedan that explodes in fireball - but car's 55-year-old driver escapes with minor injuries
[ i ] Artificial intelligence and the jobs most at risk in Australia
[ i ] JANE FRYER: The delightfully dotty countess who caught a burglar red-handed - then gave him a job as her gardener when he came out of prison! Now she's cycling the length of Britain for charity
[ i ] Mystery deepens as suspect in killing of Chicago family-of-four and their three dogs is shot dead in burning car 650 miles away in Oklahoma: Female person of interest is pulled from car with bullet wounds
[ i ] Ed Miliband says he regrets taking part in an interview with Russell Brand before the 2015 election
[ i ] Bud Light workers accuse leadership of 'cowardice' over Dylan Mulvaney fiasco - and say company should have SUPPORTED the trans influencer despite sales being down 30% since 2022
[ i ] Family of 19-year-old who died fighting NHS doctors who wanted to withdraw her life-preserving treatment say they will continue her 'fight for justice'
[ i ] Labour insists it will reinstate the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars after the government announces a five year delay
[ i ] Sabine Boghici, 49, dies after falling from balcony in Rio de Janeiro: Actress and heiress was once arrested for scamming mom out of $148.8 million in artwork, jewelry and money
[ i ] West Point is SUED by group that ended affirmative action after Biden allowed academy to discriminate against white applications - even though Army has MORE black soldiers than general population
[ i ] Hunter Biden ordered to appear in court in person on October 3 to face federal gun charges - after losing bid to enter plea on Zoom
[ i ] Trump keeps lead in New Hampshire - while Ron DeSantis slips to FIFTH: Florida governor slips behind Vivek Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley AND Chris Christie in alarming poll in crucial primary state
[ i ] Eagle Pass, Texas declares state of emergency as shocking photos show it being overwhelmed by migrants - with 4,000 streaming across the border TODAY
[ i ] Shocking moment more than $500,000 in jewelry is stolen from Florida store after gang used a JACKHAMMER to disable alarms
[ i ] Jesus Alaya, 17, is named as driver of car that deliberately struck and killed retired cop Andreas Probts while he cycled - with he and passenger Jzamir Keys, 16, both set to be charged as adults with murder
[ i ] Stomach-churning moment daredevil aged 19 gets stuck dangling under California's tallest bridge while attempting social media stunt over 730-foot drop
[ i ] Bucktown Halloween display in New Orleans leaves residents fuming over display feature a headless Jesus and tombstone reading 'Hillary's emails'
[ i ] General Motors lays off 2,000 workers at Kansas assembly plant after workers at facility in Detroit went on strike because 'there is no work' - as UAW president threatens that MORE people will walk off the job by Friday if demands are not met
[ i ] Trump suggests feeding migrants to ALLIGATORS to fix the overrun border: Ex-president says 'problem solved' in apparent joke
[ i ] Baby reef shark slowly chokes to death after getting caught in a plastic slip-on shoe dumped off the coast of Grand Cayman
[ i ] Mother of James Bulger is 'shellshocked' as her son's killer Jon Venables could be freed by Christmas
[ i ] Progressive Seattle activists take over city council meeting with cries of 'you have blood on your hands' after public drug use is recriminalized
[ i ] Ecuadorian gang leader 'El Fatal' is buried with HUNDREDS of firearms in his coffin after he and his daughter, 21, were executed
[ i ] Wild moment pickup driver Bruce Alvey tries to RAM people at Colorado park - before he's arrested and charged with four counts of attempted murder
[ i ] Manhunt is launched for murder suspect Kevin Mason ACCIDENTALLY released from jail in Indiana as cops keep the error a secret for SIX DAYS
[ i ] Illegal immigrant from Peru who was RELEASED into the US months ago has been charged with killing a Houston man, 40, found dead in his home - as migrants continue to pour through the US-Mexico border
[ i ] Ban on shop staff shaming shoplifters by pinning up and sharing images of suspected culprits
[ i ] One of Britain's last surviving D-Day veterans who took part in the first wave of Normandy landings dies aged 97
[ i ] Family pays tribute to teenager, 16, stabbed to death in Wolverhampton - as three men are arrested on suspicion of murder
[ i ] Sarah Ashton-Crillo is suspended as Ukraine war spokeswoman after trans Floridian posted blood-curdling video threatening to 'hunt down' Russians
[ i ] Sigma Alpha Epsilon pledge is hospitalized after 'being beaten, hosed down and forced to yell racial slur at black student at University of Alabama'