[ i ] Most rehabilitating sea turtles with infectious tumors don't survive
[ i ] Native Americans did not make large-scale changes to environment prior to European contact
[ i ] Signals from inside Earth: Borexino experiment releases new data on geoneutrinos
[ i ] Neutron source enables a look inside dino eggs
[ i ] Potential way to halt blinding macular degeneration identified
[ i ] Climate change could unlock new microbes and increase heat-related deaths
[ i ] Cognitive function in people with mental illness
[ i ] Scientists isolate biomarkers that can identify delirium risk and severity
[ i ] Quo vadis Antarctic bottom water?
[ i ] Deep-sea osmolyte makes biomolecular machines heat-tolerant
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[ i ] Earth's oldest asteroid strike linked to 'big thaw'
[ i ] Air pollution in New York City linked to wildfires hundreds of miles away
[ i ] Missing piece to urban air quality puzzle
[ i ] New study debunks notion that salt consumption contributes to weight loss
[ i ] Mosquitoes are drawn to flowers as much as people -- and now scientists know why
[ i ] New roles found for Huntington's disease protein
[ i ] Human-sparked fires smaller, less intense but more frequent with longer seasons
[ i ] Vomiting bumblebees show that sweeter is not necessarily better
[ i ] Mixing the unmixable: Novel approach for efficiently fusing different polymers
[ i ] Ultrafast camera takes 1 trillion frames per second of transparent objects and phenomena
[ i ] Flooding damage to levees is cumulative -- and often invisible
[ i ] New species of antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in infected wound
[ i ] Insect bites and warmer climate means double-trouble for plants
[ i ] Walking sharks discovered in the tropics
[ i ] Well-designed substrates make large single crystal bi-/tri-layer graphene possible
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[ i ] To reverse engineer dynamics of microbial communities, researchers construct their own
[ i ] A model ecosystem fish story
[ i ] New technique to study molecules and materials on quantum simulator discovered
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[ i ] Emissions of potent greenhouse gas have grown, contradicting reports of huge reductions
[ i ] First detailed electronic study of new nickelate superconductor finds 3D metallic state
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