[ i ] [Agenda] Brexit and Orban in spotlight This WEEK
[ i ] [Ticker] May to meet Tusk on Sunday at Arab summit
[ i ] [Ticker] Report: Russia offered Italy's Salvini €3m for EU election
[ i ] Swedish activist urges EU to double climate goals
[ i ] EP budget chair seeks clarity on Saudi lobbying and College of Europe
[ i ] [Ticker] EU and US could 'quickly' clinch mini-trade pact
[ i ] [Ticker] Belgium to gather evidence on Syria 'foreign fighters'
[ i ] [Ticker] Dozens of Tory and Labour MPs threatening to quit over Brexit
[ i ] [Ticker] UK will struggle on free-trade deals, EU says
[ i ] [Ticker] Juncker pledges climate action alongside Swedish activist
[ i ] [Ticker] Swedbank brings in external help on money laundering revelations
[ i ] [Ticker] No-deal Brexit danger 'very serious', Corbyn says after Brussels meeting
[ i ] [Ticker] Tusk to back pro-EU candidates in Polish EP vote
[ i ] Microsoft warns EU on election hack threat
[ i ] Brexit talks to continue after May-Juncker meeting
[ i ] [Ticker] Germany rejects UK appeal on Saudi arms sales
[ i ] [Ticker] French senators decry 'dysfunction' on Macron security aide affair
[ i ] [Ticker] France to ban far-right groups over antisemitism
[ i ] [Ticker] Swedish climate activist to face Juncker in Brussels
[ i ] Trump and Kurz: not best friends, after all
[ i ] [Investigation] EU commission appeals Dieselgate ruling
[ i ] [Ticker] Swedish MEP calls for discussion on Orban in EPP
[ i ] [Ticker] EU countries back copyright reform
[ i ] [Ticker] Germany keeps EU commission in dark on Dieselgate
[ i ] [Ticker] New details emerge on Slovak journalist murder
[ i ] [Ticker] UK lobbies Germany on Saudi arms ban
[ i ] [Ticker] EU agency forced to pay London rent after Brexit
[ i ] 'No burning crisis' on migrant arrivals, EU agency says
[ i ] 'No evidence' ECB bond-buying helped euro economy
[ i ] [Ticker] British PM to batter against EU wall on Brexit
[ i ] [Ticker] Hungary and Slovakia strain EU line on Jerusalem
[ i ] [Ticker] Germany and France to overhaul EU competition law
[ i ] Juncker: Orban should leave Europe's centre-right
[ i ] College of Europe alumni ask rector to cut Saudi ties
[ i ] [Ticker] Estonia kicks out Danske Bank over money laundering scandal
[ i ] EU says Hungary's anti-Juncker campaign is fake news
[ i ] [Ticker] May and Juncker meet over Brexit on Wednesday
[ i ] [Ticker] EU promises to open up advisory groups
[ i ] [Ticker] EU agrees to limit CO2 emissions by trucks
[ i ] [Ticker] Juncker under attack in Hungary government ad
[ i ] [Ticker] EU would not oppose extending Brexit talks, Juncker said
[ i ] [Ticker] Juncker expects Trump not to impose new car tariffs
[ i ] [Ticker] Former EU official sentenced for office rape
[ i ] [Ticker] Poland 'boxing in higher league', its PM says
[ i ] [Ticker] Brexit is wake-up call, Macron to warn in Europe speech
[ i ] [Ticker] Brexit talks to continue this week over Irish backstop
[ i ] [Opinion] Trump right for once: Europe should take back foreign fighters
[ i ] [Interview] EU should clarify rules for plant burgers and lab meat
[ i ] [Ticker] Visegrad countries meeting with Israel called off
[ i ] Italian populists could be second biggest force in EU parliament